Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions posed by Veazy customers

What happens to the footage after the edit is delivered?2021-05-14T11:54:32+01:00

Once we have delivered your edit, we will delete all of the raw footage after 14 days from the day we sent you your links.

At the point of booking you can add the option of receiving the raw footage to keep – if you have ticked this option, we will send you a memory stick with all of your raw footage on it, and then delete it from our drives after 14 days.

How will you send me my videos?2021-05-14T11:54:02+01:00

When the editing is complete, we’ll send you a YouTube link which you can share anywhere you like, as well as a digital download link so that you can download the file to keep and upload to your social media platforms/have on your phone/watch on your smart TV.

You’ll receive this within 7 days of the day we receive your camera back.

Can I request changes to my video after I receive it?2021-09-14T14:43:58+01:00

As a standard no. Unless this is arranged with us directly under special circumstances.

What if I don’t like my video?2021-05-14T11:51:15+01:00

We hope that this will never happen, however everyone’s an individual with their own tastes and we understand that at some point it’s possible the video might not be to someone’s taste. We would advise that you look at our previous videos before you book, to make sure that our style is a style you like.

All VEAZY videos have a consistent look to them and if you like our other ones, you’ll probably like yours. It goes without saying that we will always do our best with the footage you get – part of the fun for you is to try get the best shots you can for us to work with!

What if I made a booking but I’ve changed my mind?2021-05-14T11:50:31+01:00

If you decide to cancel your VEAZY booking more than 28 days before your trip, you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel within 28 days of your trip, you will receive a 50% refund.

If you cancel within 7 days of your trip you will not be entitled to a refund.

What if I’ve made a booking but my trip has been cancelled?

If you’ve booked and then your trip is cancelled for any reason outside of your control, you will receive a full refund, even if it its at short notice. If its really last-minute and you’ve already received your camera at the point the trip is cancelled, just send it straight back to us and we’ll process the refund as soon as we receive the camera back.

What if I don’t receive my camera in time?2021-05-14T11:49:48+01:00

In the unlikely event that there’s a problem with our delivery partner and it results in your camera not reaching you in time, you will receive a full refund.

What if I lose the camera while I’m away?2021-05-14T11:49:22+01:00

Mistakes and accidents do happen – if you lose the camera, it’s just one of those things and we won’t be able to provide a refund for this.

If it’s stolen, you’ll need to report it the local police and provide us with a reference number at which point you’ll be entitled to a 50% refund.

What if I didn’t film as much as I thought I would?2021-05-14T11:48:53+01:00

Our editors are clever folks, and in all likelihood they’ll be able to make you a great video out of less footage than you might think, so don’t worry. Ultimately though, we can only work with what you provide so read your guide and capture those memories – that’s what you booked it for!

What if I forget to take my camera with me?2021-05-14T11:48:25+01:00

We all make mistakes, and the day you set off on holiday is a day when you could easily forget something (hands up if you’ve got halfway to the airport and panicked that you might not have your passport or tickets) – if you just forget to take the camera with you, just return it when you get home and you will get a 75% refund.

Is there anything I can’t film?2021-05-14T11:47:59+01:00

You should absolutely not film anything that is illegal or could be considered abusive or hateful.

If we get your camera back and the card contains anything of that nature, we will not edit the video and you will not be entitled to a refund. Furthermore, we may hand the footage over to the relevant authorities – be kind!

Can I play with the settings on my camera?2021-05-14T11:47:36+01:00

Whilst we can’t stop you from doing this, we strongly advise that you don’t.

We will send the camera out already set up to its optimal settings for our editors, and we can’t be held responsible for your footage not looking right if you’ve played with the settings, and we will know if you have.

What if I damage the camera?2021-09-11T13:50:52+01:00

The cameras we use are incredibly tough – you could most likely drop them off your balcony and not break them. They’re also fully waterproof.

That said, anything is possible and we know accidents happen – if your camera gets damaged, just let us know what happened and we’ll assess on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not you’re liable for the damage. You can rest assured though, any fees for a broken camera are capped at £300.

A damaged camera doesn’t necessarily mean no video – in the vast majority of cases the memory card will still be fine, so send your camera back as normal and we will make you a great VEAZY video with the footage you do have.

There’s more details in our full terms and conditions, which you’ll be prompted to read before you complete your booking.

What if I need help with the camera while I’m away?2021-09-11T13:51:31+01:00

There’s a guide to the camera in the box, but if you do find yourself stuck on anything, you can email us on [email protected] and we’ll get in touch swiftly to help you resolve the issue.

Is the camera easy to use?2021-05-14T11:46:03+01:00

Super easy.

There’s a button on the top with a red circle on. You press that button and the camera switches itself on and starts recording. You press the same button again and the camera stops recording and switches itself off. There is a button for switching between the modes, but you don’t need to ever press it, and it’s very hard to accidentally press it.

If you do accidentally press it, you can just press it again to cycle through the modes and get back to the correct one. There is a charging port which is marked on the camera – we recommend charging it every night with the charger provided.

What if I run out of space on my memory card?2021-05-14T11:45:27+01:00

This is highly unlikely – we provide a memory card which has way more space than you really need, and we do this specifically to allow for accidents like forgetting to stop recording.

Of course, there is a limit to how much any memory card can store, so although we use the biggest ones available, it is of course possible that you might fill it up early – you should try to always grab the shot you want and then stop the recording, avoiding leaving it recording for long periods. Aim for shots that are never longer than about 15 seconds or so.

If you do run out of space, you can contact us for support and we can help you to establish if there’s been a “left it recording” moment and help you to free up some space. If you’ve reached the limit and you’ve just simply filmed an amazing amount of footage, then you can relax and enjoy the rest of your trip knowing that you’ve got about 5 times as much footage as you need to make a great video with!

How much footage will the memory card hold?2021-05-14T11:45:03+01:00

The memory card will hold over 12 hours of continuous footage.

Can I post the video(s) on my social media?2021-05-14T11:43:16+01:00

Absolutely – all our videos are optimised for sharing online and all of the songs we use are fully licensed for use online – you can share it anywhere you like.

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